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This article is the first of many future updates on Titan Poker, a poker room that is part of the increasingly popular iPoker network. As mentioned in previous articles, iPoker ranks third for online poker traffic. This is despite the fact it does not offer its service to U.S. players.


Titan Poker recently sent 66 of its players to the Eurocity result hk Tour (ECPT) in Madrid, offering prize packages that could be won by playing in a variety of satellites on their site. That’s how Greg Metzak, a 23-year-old psychology student from Vancouver (Canada), came to play his first ever live tournament in Madrid – he won an online freeroll on Titan. Titan offered the VIP freeroll to those players that were able to earn a certain number of Titan Points within one week.


Metzak was more than rewarded for his efforts. Not only did he go to Europe for his first time ever, he beat a field of 150 players and won the first prize for 40,000 Euros (almost 62,000 USD). He couldn’t be more happy about his impressive feat, saying, “Thanks to Titan Poker, I have had a week in Madrid and now 40,000 Euros – who could ask for more?” Someone asked him which person would receive the first phone call with the good news and Metzak replied, “I think I am going to wait until I get home and when people ask how it was, say ‘well, you know … poker’s a tough game … anything can happen …’” The second place winner for the same tournament was also a Titan Poker player. Ingo Nassall from Germany won a healthy 23,000 Euros for his efforts.


If you’re interested in being sent on a fabulous poker vacation via Titan Poker, definitely pay attention to the near future. There will be prize packages to the World Series of Poker 2008 (Las Vegas) as well as the Asian Poker Tour (Manila) later on this year. For a chance to win major money in the comfort of your own home, you can also participate in the European Championship of Online Poker II (ECOOP), which will take place at the end of the month. There will be over $3,600,000 to be won!


In May, Titan offered its cash game players ways to win big, as well. Just a few days ago their $30,000 May Challenge ended, a promotion that saw them distribute $3,000 each day for 10 days to those who won daily automatic leaderboard races. The challenge alternated between cash games and tournaments (so each type of game had 5 days each), and players were ranked based on their performance on a given day.


It’s nice to see that cash game players are having a chance to win leaderboards and win some extra prizes. “We [expected] a lot of success from our May Challenge considering that we are giving poker players a chance to win no matter what they prefer, either cash games or tournaments. This way we can challenge and reward players with each preference,” a Titan Poker spokesman said.


Cash game players will have another chance to cash in later on this month as Titan will soon deal its billionth hand. There will be prizes awarded on a daily basis as this highly anticipated event draws nearer, so be sure to play plenty of hands on Titan Poker in the near future.


If you are interested in playing at Titan Poker but don’t have an account yet, click on any of the Titan Poker links on this page to sign up through FlopTurnRiver.com. Doing this will earn you the chance for an exclusive sign-up Bonus. To find out more information on this Bonus, visit the Titan Poker Bonus page by clicking here.