The X Factor – Live shows drinking game

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Drink when you hear the judges or Dermot say any of the following…

– “That was the best performance of the night so far.”
– “You owned that stage.”
– “The standard is so high this year.”
– “You really put your own stamp on the song.”
– “You look like a pop star.”
– Louis: “The girls love you.”
– Louis disagrees with the others, saying: “IĀ likedĀ it!”
– Louis states that a performance “would be Number 1 next week” if it was for sale (which it is, but nevermind).
– Louis mentions Westlife.
– Cheryl: “You nailed it.”
– Cheryl: “You look amazing!”
– Cheryl: “You remind me of myself when I started…”
– Dannii yells “YEEEEAH!” or “a-MAZ-ING!” after a performance.
– Simon: “I’m going to be honest here…”
– Simon: “I’m sorry, but it’s true!”
– Simon: “I didn’t like it… I LOVED IT!”
– Simon: “Seriously though…”
– Dermot: “This is the toughest week yet.”
– “You’re like a young [insert random singer]…”
– “You’ve come such a long way…”
– “You’re a breath of fresh air.”
– “You could be this year’s dark horse.”
– “The song wasn’t right for you.”
– “…and you can download the track after the show.”

Drink when you hear any of the contestants say the following…

– “This is all I ever wanted to do.”
– “It’s a dream come true.”
– “I’m going to give it my all.”
– “This means everything to me.”

Drink twice when any of the following happens…

– Someone cries.
– Dermot hugs someone (drink double for an awkward hug with a guest pop star).
– A contestant makes a phone-hand gesture to the camera when their voting number is read out.
– Simon makes an awkward allusion to Louis’ sexuality.
– A judge’s comments are booed by the audience.
– Dannii or Cheryl interact with eachother at any point.
– Louis makes a joke that nobody gets and Cheryl does her disgusted ‘WTF?’ face.
– Dannii accidentally makes a homophobic/racist/sexist remark.
– A judge uses a nonsensical percentage.

This feature is meant for entertainment only and is not expected to be played. Always drink responsibly.