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Good Togel Singapore bet: Riveting glimpse of cheaters in Vegas


With television debuting a new show on the glories of Las Vegas casinos approximately every four hours these days, it might be wise to consider the words of Richard Marcus in tonight’s premiere of the History Channel’s Breaking Vegas: ‘The only `sure thing’ in gambling is cheating.”


Marcus, like the other featured players in Breaking Vegas, is a career cheater. This fascinating documentary series uses interviews, old news footage and recreated scenes to tell the stories of gamblers who use everything from cutting-edge silicon chips to old-fashioned nimble fingers to gain an edge on the casinos.


High- and low-tech cheaters both get their props in tonight’s special two-hour debut. (Future episodes of Breaking Vegas will be only an hour.) But champions of traditional values will note with satisfaction that it’s the old-school guys who got away with millions of bucks, while the computer whiz kids went to jail.


To call the cheating ring led by Richard Marcus low-tech is a whopping understatement. As Marcus himself admits, his technique was ”so simple it’s idiotic” — he just slipped chips onto or off of the table when blackjack dealers and roulette tourneurs weren’t looking.


At first, Marcus and his crew added high-value chips to winning bets. But as casino surveillance teams caught on to that one, Marcus reversed his ploy: He bet high every time but replaced big chips with small ones when his bets lost. Touchingly, he named the technique ”Savannah,” after his favorite Vegas topless dancer.


Marcus, never arrested in 24 years of cheating, now lives in retirement on the French Riviera. Less lucky, and more morally ambiguous, was Ron Harris, a rogue computer-security specialist for the Nevada Gaming Commission, the agency that regulates casinos.


His job was to detect rigged software in …

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I Was A Teenage Etoile Du Soheil Fan For Togel Singapore



Back to Tokyo for the semi finals of the competition and I noted that Sepp Blatter has already questioned the participation of the Oceania tournament winner. Not only is this the smallest of the federations it also recently lost Australia to the Asian tournament, as they wished the national team to have more competition and also avoid their inevitable World Cup play off against South American opponents.


Making my way from the subway stadium to the first game it was noticeable that a large number of locals were sporting the yellow and blue of Boca. I was handed a flyer for La Bombonera, a Japanese bar dedicated to the team, there were a number of people handing them, obviously to boost business for what should be their busiest night ever.


The standard of Togel Singapore football was raised with the introduction of the first South American champions not to come from Brazil. Etoile showed their intentions with a shot at goal from the kick off. However Boca’s slick passing was the key to their win. With 37 minutes gone Palermo put Palacio away down the left wing who played an intricate ball into the feet of Nery Cardozo who gleefully hammered the ball into the roof of the net. Etoile shook off the defensive qualities that saw them through their qualifying match and showed that they could play.


The Argentinian side have been quoted as saying that they have to win this tournament no matter what, and Fabian Vargas’s second yellow proved they are not going to let anyone get in the way. Despite this setback with 25 minutes left Boca reverted to 4-3-2, proving that attack is the best form of defence. They matched their opponents with chances at both ends, cruelly Etoile substitute …

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Kerusuhan Sepakbola di Togel Singapore Mesir



KAIRO – Setidaknya 73 orang tewas dalam kerusuhan setelah kemenangan kandang 3-1 Al-Masry melawan Al-Ahly di Liga Mesir. Kejadian ini dilaporkan menurut kementerian kesehatan negara Mesir.


Ribuan penggemar Al-Masry membanjiri lapangan hanya beberapa detik setelah pertandingan. Sementara beberapa merayakan kemenangan, yang lain menyerang penggemar lawan dan pemain lawan serta staff.


Fans tuan rumah memojokan pendukung Al-Ahly di lapangan dan di sekitar stadion, melempar batu dan botol-botol mereka. Korban yang meninggal, sebagian di antaranya merupakan petugas keamanan stadion. Mayoritas korban kehilangan nyawa karena gegar otak dan luka tusukan.


Kerusuhan yang terjadi di Port Said itu bukan kali pertama karena perkelahian antarfans pernah terjadi pada pekan ke-16 liga Mesir antara Al-Masry dan Ismaily.


Segera setelah kabar kerusuhan di Port Said merebak, pertandingan Ismaily dan Zamalek di Kairo dihentikan. Keputusan ini disambut murka para fans Zamalek yang membakar bangku stadion.


Bintang Al-Ahly Mohamed Bakarat dan Emad Meteb telah bersumpah bahwa klub mereka bahwa “tidak akan bermain sepakbola lagi” setelah insiden kekerasan ini.


Gelandang Ahly, Mohamed Aboutreika juga menambahkan, “Petugas keamanan meninggalkan kami. Mereka tidak melindungi kita.. Di ruang ganti, seorang fans meninggal di depan mata saya.”


Akibat kejadian ini, ketua FA Mesir, Samir Zaher telah memutuskan bahwa Liga Premier mungkin akan ditunda akibat insiden mengerikan hari ini.


Bolton Tahan Imbang Arsenal Tanpa Gol


LONDON – Arsenal harus puas dengan hasil imbang ketika bertandang ke markas Bolton Wanderers di matchday ke-23, Liga Priemer Inggris.


The Gunners boleh dibilang sungguh tidak beruntung dalam laga ini. Menguasai jalannya pertandingan dan berhasil menciptakan berbagai peluang emas. Namun, hingga peluit panjang dibunyikan, Arsenal tidak kunjung juga menyarangkan bola di gawang tuan rumah.


Skor akhir kacamata-pun harus diterima dalam laga ini. Hasil ini membuat Arsenal turun keposisi ketujuh dengan perolehan 37 poin. Sedangkan Bolton masih di …

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Online Roulette Togel Singapore tips on initial strategies



online Roulette winningThere are such games that imply using particular strategies and tricks to be able to have a success. Roulette is on the list of these games. Many people believe that luck comes along with Roulette. They watch movies about lucky men who win incredible amounts of money without any deep knowledge of the game. Afterwards such viewers follow their steps hoping to win really big. We should not underestimate luck, but what you must take into account first is strategies.


Here are some useful Togel Singapore strategies below:


First of all, you should not have any misunderstandings in the basic rules of Roulette, in its bets and odds. Everything should be clear for you.


Remember that you can hardly guess what number is going to be next in Roulette, since all spins are not connected with each other and made by chance. Place your bets carefully.


Before rushing to the table, think of your finance. You can put a certain amount aside and that will be considered a limit you should not exceed on no account. There are those, who don’t state their goal as money winning, but who play just for fun and enjoyment.


Some casinos offer a favorable bet that is commonly called La Partage bet, which means a gambler will get half of his money back if the ball lands at zero. There are lots of others attractive offers that can be described on various online casino blogs or sites.


Online casino Tropez and its brief review


Online casino Tropez was actually designed three years ago, but has already lived up to the most of online casino high standards in the short run. Nevertheless, the improvement of the casino is never stopped. The main goal is …

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During the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, my house convulsed in the dark. I leaped from my bed to the hall doorway moments before a bookcase fell across the spot where I had been sleeping. Was my action a gamble or a calculated risk? Was I lucky? When we buy stock, change jobs, buy more computer technology, get married or buy a lottery ticket are we gambling or taking a calculated risk? What’s luck got to do with it?


In these turn of the century years, chaos and change bring disruption and opportunity to almost every area of our lives. Job security, gender roles and viable opportunities are in continual change. To keep our balance, survive and thrive we need to be clear and focused in our actions. Every choice we make, including the choice to do nothing, involves some kind of risk. A gamble has a high probability of loss. A calculated risk has a much higher probability of a positive outcome. Knowing the difference is essential to our success.


To make successful decisions and take positive action we must be in the realistic present. Emotional decision making can be lethal when governed by unexamined personal weaknesses and wounds from childhood. Finding and resolving old patterns of emotional highs and lows increases our ability to make a calculated risk. Even if old patterns are not resolved, acknowledging them and setting them aside during decision making can create better chances for being a winner.


Here is a comparison check list of traits and tendencies for gamblers and calculated risk takers.


Togel Singapore Gambler

Looks for excitement and danger.

Jumps in with the crowd momentum, not wanting to be left out or left behind.

Blames others or luck for bad outcome.

Lingers over losing …