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Premier Togel Hongkong League Play-Offs



Soccerphile explores more proposals for change in the English Premier League.


As Soccerphile has documented over the last few years, suggestions with regards to restructuring the Premier League have been plentiful. There was talk in 2008 of a 39th fixture being added to the annual schedule, with each club playing outside of England for this game. There were rumblings about the Old Firm (Rangers and Celtic) joining England’s elite league once again this season, while Bolton Phil Gartside also proposed the idea of a two-tier Premiership with no promotion or relegation outside of it.


The in-vogue discussion ahead of the next Premier League chairman’s meeting in April is of a play-off system being introduced which would see the clubs finishing between fourth and seventh battling for a spot in the Champions League. The idea Togel Hongkong behind such a move would be to inject more competition into a league that has seen the same four clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United – qualify for the competition from the Premier League for the past six seasons.


As with other potential areas of change that have been mooted over the past few years, there are supporters and detractors of this latest proposal. Perhaps unsurprisingly it is the current ‘chasing pack’ behind the Premier League’s ‘Big Four’ that have stepped forward to champion this suggestion. Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp believes that introducing a Champions League play-off system in the Premier League would increase excitement and work as well as the Football League Play-Offs. Aston Villa’s Martin O’Neill thinks the system would reinvigorate the aspirations of mid-table teams.


Liverpool manager Rafa Benítez has poured scorn over the ideas, believing more games would lead to players being exposed to great risk of injury and clubs “playing until …

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Women Togel Hongkong Poker Players Step Into The Spotlight



There is no reason for women not to be able to compete on equal footing against men playing a game that requires brains and not brawn. Several Togel Hongkong women are among the top players in the game today, including Cat Hulbert and Barbara Enright, who has a trio of World Series of Poker championship gold bracelets adorning her wrist and the distinction of being the first woman poker player ever to make the final table at the World Series of Poker main event.


Even so, the popularity of poker as Togel Hongkong television entertainment has reached such heights that Binion’s Horseshoe Casino & Hotel in downtown Las Vegas has announced it will be the site of the inaugural Women’ Poker Club Showdown Tournament September 9 through 11.


The Women’ Poker Club (WPC) lists 700 members among its ranks. Many women players who find live poker room play intimidating and unfriendly have found online casinos to be a suitable alternative for their passion. For some, the upcoming Las Vegas tournament will be their first experience in a “brink and mortar” environment.


“Many men seem to feel that women are easy targets at the poker table,” said Maryanne Morrison, president of the WPC. “Yet our WPC tournaments have proved tougher competition than most mixed events I have participated in. Women are outstanding contenders in this sport.”


The main event at Togel Hongkong Binion’s will be a No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament on Saturday, September 11. The buy-in of $100 plus $25 will create a prize pool estimated at over $10,000.


“It will be an exhilarating three days, with optional poker classes and social events built into the tournament agenda,” Morrison said. “Many Togel Hongkong members know each other from playing online and sharing strategy …