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How to Play Safe at an Online Joka Casino



The online industry offers unique and progressive propositions to everyone it touches, and today that’s pretty much everyone! Businesses, consumers, governments, travelers, students, educators, social workers, gamers, media, artists and evangelists; all depend on it. Entertainment has found a sweet spot on the internet and people have taken to it like bees take to honey. A big part of the entertainment industry is online casinos. To rope in and retain players, they offer amazing bonuses, flashy games and all sorts of glamour. But there is something that makes everyone on the internet uncomfortable. It is the dark side of the industry that is seldom talked about. Hacking and hackers is the sword that hangs over our heads constantly. No one wants a compromise on their personal information, especially when it is directly linked to bank details, transaction history and identity. Online casinos aren’t immune to cyber attacks. While most good brands invest in good security systems designed to keep out cyber thieves, there are some black sheep. It’s a subject no one wants to talk about because they are uncomfortable and may be too scared and conscious about their reputation. Unlike them, we care only about the truth and believe that players need to be aware so they can protect themselves. Prevention is better than cure. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you walk on this double sided sword without hurting yourself.


How to Play Safe at an Online Casino


“Everything in an online casino, be it games, bonuses or promotions. All are designed to keep you in the house”


If you’ve read recent news, you know about the current buzz on WannaCry ransomware that shook the cyber world. WannaCry attacked over 200,000 computers and the hackers asked for up to …