‘Downton Abbey’ writer says the movie will have ‘a larger scale’

The long-rumoured Downton Abbey movie is set to begin filming next year.

Speaking at BBC America’s BAFTA Party in West Hollywood, the show’s creator Julian Fellowes said: “I think it will be fun to get everyone together, and move it to a larger scale because you have got more money to spend.”

Production on the big screen version of the period drama is expected to begin in 2017.

Discussing when the movie will arrive in cinemas, Fellowes commented: “[Executive producer Gareth Neame] knows more than I do. I am just the humble pen usher.’

The final episode of Downton Abbey aired last Christmas on ITV.

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Dame Maggie Smith has reportedly signed on to return as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham, and Laura Carmichael is keen to revisit Lady Edith Crawley, commenting: “It will be exciting to see how she is doing.”

Michelle Dockery, who played Lady Mary, revealed earlier this year that she would “wholeheartedly consider” appearing in a movie spin-off.

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‘Doctor Foster’ first look pics: Season 2 begins filming

Filming has started on the second season of BBC One’s Doctor Foster.

Directed by Jeremy Lovering (Sherlock), the five new one-hour episodes will tell “the next exhilarating chapter in Gemma’s story.”

Starring Suranne Jones (Scott & Bailey) and Bertie Carvel (Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell), the drama series launched last autumn and concluded with a consolidated audience of 10.1m viewers.

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Doctor Foster was the biggest new BBC drama of 2015.

Creator and writer Mike Bartlett commented last year: “…we’re now going to tell the next chapter in Gemma’s story. Her life in Parminster may look better on the surface, but as she will discover to her cost, every action has its consequences eventually. No one comes through hell unscathed.”

Suranne Jones teased: “Now we can look into what happens to a woman after divorce, when deceit and revenge have taken their toll. What a gift of a part and a dream to work with Mike again!”

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‘To Walk Invisible’: First look at ‘Happy Valley’ writer’s Bronte sisters drama

The first promotional photo for BBC One’s new one-off drama about the Bronte sisters has been revealed.

Writtten by Last Tango in Halifax creator Sally Wainwright, To Walk Invisible tells “the story behind three remarkable women who, despite the obstacles they faced, came from obscurity to produce some of the greatest novels in the English language.”

Emily Brontë, author of Wuthering Heights, is played by Chloe Pirrie (An Inspector Calls) alongside Finn Atkins (Common) as her deeply ambitious older sister Charlotte, author of Jane Eyre.

Charlie Murphy (Happy Valley) plays level-headed younger sister Anne, who wrote The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall, and Adam Nagaitis (Banished) will play their brilliant but reckless brother Branwell.

Jonathan Pryce (Game of Thrones) plays the Brontë sisters’ father, Patrick.

The 120-minute drama will air on BBC One this winter.

Writer and director Sally Wainwright previously commented: “This is such an exciting and ambitious project, and we have already had a huge amount of interest in it. Something about the lives of these three brilliant, talented Yorkshire women seems to touch people at a very deep level. I am honoured that the BBC have asked me to bring to life this fascinating family in a story set in the heart of West Yorkshire.”

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ITV orders new drama ‘Trauma’ from writer of ‘Doctor Foster’

Playwright and dramatist Mike Bartlett (Doctor FosterThe Town) has written a new three-part drama series for ITV.

Set in the trauma department of a central London hospital, Trauma tells the story of 15 year old Alex Reynolds who dies under the care of a high-achieving trauma consultant.

Bartlett commented: “I feel hugely lucky to be writing a brand new series for ITV. Trauma is a story about two fathers with very different lives, locked in conflict. I hope the series will be moving, terrifying and timely…If we increasingly mistrust institutions and experts, what happens when we desperately need them?”

The official synopsis reads: “Devastated and heartbroken, Alex’s father, Dan, believes Jon Stephens is responsible for Alex’s death and as he strives for justice, he begins to unpick the very fabric of Jon’s life. Are Dan’s concerns about how Jon cared for his son in his hour of need justified or are his actions borne of overpowering grief?  Trauma questions what makes a man good and explores the idea that sometimes the very institutions established to protect us can let us down.”

Executive producer Catherine Oldfield teased: “Not only is Trauma a rollercoaster of a story but Mike’s fantastic script goes deep into the heart of what it takes to be a good man in Britain today.”

Trauma will begin filming in early summer 2017 in the London area.

The second season of Doctor Foster began filming this month.

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New family thriller series ‘Next of Kin’ coming to ITV in 2017

ITV has announced the commission of Next of Kin, a “gripping contemporary family thriller” from the makers of Poldark and Victoria.

The six-part series is written and created by husband and wife team Paul Rutman (Indian Summers, Vera) and Natasha Narayan.

The official synopsis reads: “Whip-smart psychologist Mona Mirza lives a charmed life at the heart of a loving family living in London. But she is left grief-stricken when her much-loved brother is brutally murdered whilst working for a medical charity overseas. As the death brings buried family secrets to light, Mona is drawn deep into a tangle of betrayal, conspiracy and murder. One way or another, she must find a way of protecting herself, her family and her career as they are all put at risk…”


Executive producer Preethi Mavahalli commented: “We are thrilled to be involved in this first collaboration between Paul and Natasha; they make a formidable writing team. With clever storytelling that will have viewers hooked, this ambitious contemporary thriller will be one not to be missed.”

Next of Kin will begin filming in early 2017.

Are you looking forward to Next of Kin? Let us know below…

ITV orders conspiracy thriller ‘White Dragon’ from makers of ‘The Missing’

ITV has announced the commission of a new eight-part drama series from the makers of The Missing and One of Us.

Written by newcomers Mark Denton and Jonny Stockwood, White Dragon is described as an “ambitious and timely conspiracy thriller.”

The Missing creators Harry and Jack Williams commented: “We’re delighted to be bringing Mark and Jonny’s incredible debut series to life. Their writing is rich and intelligent and combines a narratively taut thriller with a characterful emotional journey that we hope will draw audiences in.”

The Missing returned to BBC One for a second season last night.


White Dragon will begin filming on location in Asia in autumn 2017.

The official synopsis reads: “Professor Jonah Mulray’s life is turned upside-down when his wife, Megan, is killed in a car-crash in Hong Kong. Although she lived and worked there half the year, Jonah’s never been. He lives a small, sheltered life, and his fear of flying has kept him in London. But now he has no choice but to cross the ocean to identify the body of the woman he loved.

“Not long after arriving in Hong Kong, Jonah makes a shocking discovery about his wife. Over the course of eight thrilling hours, Jonah is drawn deeper and deeper into a web of conspiracy as he comes to terms with this utterly alien and unfamiliar environment, battling to uncover the truth about his wife’s death.”

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‘In the Club’ writer Kay Mellor returns to ITV with new drama ‘Girlfriends’

ITV has announced the commission of a brand new series from Fat Friends creator Kay Mellor.

The six-part drama will follow three women, Linda, Sue and Gail, each pushing 60 and struggling to cope with what life has to throw at them.

Mellor commented: “I’m delighted that after a long time away I’m once again working for ITV.

Girlfriends is a topic that’s dear to my heart being a woman of a certain age. I did a conference recently where there were a lot of women saying that they felt invisible, both in life and on screen. There was nothing on television that they could relate to; older women were playing characters that were mothers or grandmothers of the main protagonists.

“So I wanted to change things around a bit and put them centre stage – to make the invisible, visible. Linda, Sue and Gail are in the autumn of their lives and in many ways their lives should be sorted, but instead each year brings another set of problems. There are plenty of secrets, lies and revelations that send shockwaves through their friendship – it’s a delicious drama to write and I hope the audience enjoy watching it as much as I’m enjoying writing it.”

The official synopsis reads: “Whilst enjoying a celebratory anniversary cruise, Linda’s husband Micky disappears from their cabin. He’s been hitting the booze hard at the Captain’s table and when he heads back to his cabin on the pretext of finding his glasses Micky is nowhere to be seen.  With the balcony door open, an overturned chair and the curtain billowing aimlessly in the wind, has Micky committed suicide? Or has he accidentally toppled into the sea having consumed one too many cocktails?

“Sue is still a fine looking woman.  She’s never married but …

Cheri Casino

Wynn Las Vegas Cheri Casino




The casino mogul who brought to this desert oasis such over-the-top hotels as the Mirage and Bellagio kicked it up another notch just after midnight Wednesday with the opening of the world’s most expensive casino resort, a $2.7 billion behemoth that had guests’ mouths agape as they filed through an ornate front hallway bedecked with more than 10,000 flowers.


Even by Las Vegas’ larger-than-life standards, the scale of the curved, copper-colored 49-story structure attains new heights of sorts.


A 180-foot man-made mountain covered with full-grown Aleppo pine trees looms like a regiment of guards blocking the hotel’s entrance from the street, forcing visitors to come inside to see, for instance, the 100 parasol light fixtures hanging from the ceiling that mechanically dance up and down to music.


The Cheri Casino mountain also provides the backdrop for a series of what Wynn calls “experiences” such as a water-and-light show, a 70-foot waterfall and a 3-acre lake.


The 217-acre property is more than twice as expensive as the proposed 1, 776-foot Freedom Tower to be built on the site of the World Trade Center disaster, and just under the $3 billion price tag of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai — which, among other services, squires guests to a hotel restaurant via submarine.


The cost to build the 2,716 rooms — minimum size 630 square feet and many appointed with multiple flat-screen LCD televisions — was $1 million each. That eclipses the previous world record of $775,000 per room at the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, Hawaii.


Naturally, there’s an 18-hole golf course — designed by Wynn and famed golf course architect Tom Fazio — plus the only Manolo Blahnik shoe store outside Manhattan, a Ferrari-Maserati dealership and 18 restaurants. Some of …