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Isle of Man reverses betting policy for Slot Online




The Isle of Man said that as of Jan. 1, it would be allowing casinos based there to take bets from Americans for Togel Singapore.


The island, located between Britain and Ireland, is a so-called Crown Dependency, meaning that it makes its own domestic laws but relies on Britain for defense and foreign policy.


The policy reversal is significant because the Isle of Man, which first started licensing Internet casinos in 2001, initially sought to attract blue-chip gambling operations by defining itself as a jurisdiction offering rigorous regulation.


Initially, that policy seemed to pay off, slot online. as some of the world’s largest gambling operations, including MGM Mirage, purchased expensive licenses to operate online casinos there. But business was not as brisk as expected and six major casinos, including MGM, have relocated from the Isle of Man or closed their Internet operations altogether.


In December, the country’s Council of Ministers voted to reverse the policy discouraging online casinos located there from accepting bets from the United States. Tim Craine, the head of e-business for the Isle of Man, said that the country felt the policy change would help attract new casinos – and the licensing and tax revenue they provide.


“There’s a lot of business looking to Togel Singapore. relocate to a reputable, regulated jurisdiction,” he said, noting that, in particular, there are numerous poker rooms looking for a new jurisdiction. “We’re hoping to capitalize on that business” by changing our policy.


He said that the policy change only affected wagers placed on casino games and in poker games. The country still discourages casinos located there from accepting sports bets placed from the United States.


Craine said the country made that distinction because it believes that American law prohibits …

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Bodog Canadian Casino and JBO Vietnam




Bodog Canadian Casino was launched in the year 2009 and it was given license by Kahnawake Gaming Commission. This online casino brand is enjoying the success from a couple of years as a highly trusted and best leader in the casino-gambling industry. Bodog Canadian Casino is the perfect gambling destination for the customers looking to play games at Poker Rooms, Casino and Sportsbook. Bodog has been in the industry from 1994 and expanded from a software company to top online gambling brand. Real Time Gaming and own proprietary software is employed to operate games at Bodog Canadian Casino.


Players can receive complete gambling services such as Sports Betting, Poker and Horse Racing from the casino. Bodog Casino is the essential component of top brands in Canada and global industry. The casino bonus program at this casino is the way thanking for coming abroad and assisting it rejoice the presence of casino that is remodeled. This place is highly preferred by Canadian players as they find favorite casino games. One can place bet on their favorite team and get into poker rooms for few hands, if you are done with it then play slots that are currently running at the casino. Here, we discuss more about Bodog Canadian Casino. Impressive new 3D slot machines for about 30 new brands are added to the casino website. These are on the top of other slot machines that are already available at the casino. Additionally, players can also find some fun slot games at Bodog Canadian Casino.


Excellence of Bodog Canadian Casino:


JBO Vietnam and Bodog Canadian Casino is noted as top gambling destination of Canada offering Vegas-Style and top-class casino with some 100 games. The vital feature of Bodog is its name. Players can find top-class …

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Wouldn’t it be fun if you could just download a poker app that you know it will work, and just enjoy it on the go? Well, we can help with that. After a lot of research, we have listed the best iPhone poker apps that you can download and enjoy playing for real money. A game of poker was never this one, and now, with just a simple download from an AppStore or Google Play, you will be able to enjoy some simple yer fun poker apps. Every app here is simply unique and even if they do have their ups and downs, they made it on our list for a very simple reason. Some of them you might even know, since some of them are just apps made from their own site, however, some of them might surprise you in a nice way. Every poker player loves playing a good poker game, but they hate the part where they have to search for a good poker app alone, and with this you do not have to. All of the apps that will be listed below are checked and will definitely give you that fun and entertaining experience of a good poker game.


Fresh Deck Poker



As the name would suggest, this app gives off that fresh and enjoyable experience. The app’s layout is very nice and it will definitely get your attention, together with the sound effects. It has all of the options that ton would expect to have from a decent poker game, and the thing that makes this app so good is the whole package. You will be able to see that this app was been developing for a while, and everything works perfectly. However, there are not that many players online …


Togel Gambling consultants eye potential of Eastern Europe



The respected land and online gambling consultancy, Global Betting & Gaming Consultants has issued a new report advising that the emerging gambling markets of Eastern Europe are attracting interest from both land-based and Internet operators and, despite the economic crisis, the region holds interesting potential.


The gaming industry as a whole was still showing growth in 2008 in many of the 17 individual gambling markets covered in GBGC’s report, suggesting the Eastern European gambling markets are not yet in recession.


The report notes that there is a strong propensity to gamble amongst many populations in Eastern Europe. For example, Croatia has 562 betting shops per million people, four times greater than the UK.


Internet Togel gambling is also offering increasing opportunities in Eastern Europe, claims GBGC, with the likes of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia embracing the online gambling revolution by allowing operators other than the state lottery to hold licences. Bulgaria and Croatia are scheduled to follow suit with new legislation later in 2009.


“It would seem that the current economic crisis is causing governments to take a fresh look at gambling as a means of generating tax revenues,” the report opines. “Membership of the EU has benefited the economies and living standards of many Eastern European countries and operators cannot afford to ignore the opportunities that exist in the region’s respective gambling markets.”


GBGC has emerged as one of the most credible specialist international gambling consultancies in the world. The company has worked with or supplied information to over 400 clients the majority of whom are ‘blue chip’ groups.…

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Marvel superheroes avengersAs fans of roulette reviews in Singapore Marvel-themed games like The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 slots are well aware, Marvel Comics produces some of the most popular characters in modern fiction. When the celebrated publisher was purchased by the Walt Disney Company in 2009, fans knew that the partnership would mean big things for Marvel’s distinguished lineup of superheroes and supervillains, and the latest news coming out of Hong Kong shows exactly what the two companies can do when they work together.


Avengers Assemble!

In a recent budget speech from Hong Kong Financial, Secretary John Tsang Chun-Wah announced that a new area built around Marvel superheroes would be coming to Hong Kong Disneyland within the next few years. Multiple sources claim the project, which would likely see a portion of the Chinese park covered in rides, shows, and other attractions based on Marvel properties, is expected to be completed by 2017. Details are still scant, though IGN reports that officials have yet to decide which characters will be the focus of the area.


One question raised by some is whether the park will necessitate the construction of new rides and attractions, or if existing structures could simply be repurposed. Other schools of thought suggest that the area may be more about interacting with Marvel Superheroes like Spider-Man, the X-Men, or the Fantastic Four, and less about gimmicky attractions.


With Great Power Comes Great Familiarity

Despite Chun-Wah’s assertion that the park will be “the first of its kind in the world,” Marvel Comics has made its impact on major theme parks in the past. Most notably, the company’s characters can currently be seen at Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure Park in Orlando, Florida. The thrilling theme park …

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Most of the tribal casinos we’ve contacted run similar to casinos in Nevada and New Jersey in terms of recruitment. They have joblines, updated weekly,


listing current openings, and they maintain human resources or personnel departments. Many casinos, while still small compared to traditional casinos off reservation lands, do employ several hundred people. They look for the same qualities in their employees as other casinos would—people who demonstrate good customer service skills, work well with the public, and have technical skills, such as the ability to deal one or two games. For more information on getting hired at a casino, Indian gaming or otherwise, be sure to read over the section Hiring for Casinos.


One rather interesting twist with Indian gaming facilities has to do with employee age. Several we contacted had provisions allowing anyone 18 or older to work on the casino floor. This is good news for young aspiring dealers and casino support staff under the age of 21, who would be ineligible at the casinos in Nevada and Atlantic City.




Professional gaming attracts a variety of people. Many get jobs working in casinos without any experience, yet all come with common qualities that make


them effective employees. According to the hiring directors we’ve talked with, applicants need outgoing, friendly personalities and a take-charge attitude as a first requirement for hiring consideration. A personnel manager at a downtown Las Vegas casino had this to say about her company’s policy:


We hire people with all kinds of previous employment experience. The important thing is for the applicants to have proven skills that will make them an asset for our company. We are looking for friendly, well-groomed people who are dependable and can handle …

Data HK

Online Data HK gambling addiction



As far as you know, people may be addicted to various things: alcohol, drugs, women, television, and computer games and… Online gambling! Online gambling has become passion of many people of different ages worldwide.


Online casino gambling is quite young. About a decade ago people could not even think of gambling at best casino right at your home. Now it’s a common feature – get a computer, connect it to the Internet and enjoy such games as Slot machines, Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and others.


The Internet provides you with a sparkling world of online Data HK casinos. In fact, there are so many online casinos that any person, who has never gambled online, would be embarrassed. Gambling is fun but at the same time it makes a dangerous industry. The best thing for an inexperienced player is to know basics of each online casino he wants to play at.


Keep your personal data protected


A good casino will always ensure you with a perfect security system. When joining a casino, it will ask you to share your personal information as a bank account for example. When giving your data, be sure you’re on a secure line. You might check it by looking at the address, it should start with https://.


Before signing up for a casino, do some research on its web site. Check these 5 important things on the main page, they should always be easy to find.




-terms, rules






-user feedback


Become an expert at gambling – II


So, we keep talking about how to become an expert at gambling. If you’re a beginner that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to look as an expert at least. Don’t forget that …

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Kerusuhan Sepakbola di Togel Singapore Mesir



KAIRO – Setidaknya 73 orang tewas dalam kerusuhan setelah kemenangan kandang 3-1 Al-Masry melawan Al-Ahly di Liga Mesir. Kejadian ini dilaporkan menurut kementerian kesehatan negara Mesir.


Ribuan penggemar Al-Masry membanjiri lapangan hanya beberapa detik setelah pertandingan. Sementara beberapa merayakan kemenangan, yang lain menyerang penggemar lawan dan pemain lawan serta staff.


Fans tuan rumah memojokan pendukung Al-Ahly di lapangan dan di sekitar stadion, melempar batu dan botol-botol mereka. Korban yang meninggal, sebagian di antaranya merupakan petugas keamanan stadion. Mayoritas korban kehilangan nyawa karena gegar otak dan luka tusukan.


Kerusuhan yang terjadi di Port Said itu bukan kali pertama karena perkelahian antarfans pernah terjadi pada pekan ke-16 liga Mesir antara Al-Masry dan Ismaily.


Segera setelah kabar kerusuhan di Port Said merebak, pertandingan Ismaily dan Zamalek di Kairo dihentikan. Keputusan ini disambut murka para fans Zamalek yang membakar bangku stadion.


Bintang Al-Ahly Mohamed Bakarat dan Emad Meteb telah bersumpah bahwa klub mereka bahwa “tidak akan bermain sepakbola lagi” setelah insiden kekerasan ini.


Gelandang Ahly, Mohamed Aboutreika juga menambahkan, “Petugas keamanan meninggalkan kami. Mereka tidak melindungi kita.. Di ruang ganti, seorang fans meninggal di depan mata saya.”


Akibat kejadian ini, ketua FA Mesir, Samir Zaher telah memutuskan bahwa Liga Premier mungkin akan ditunda akibat insiden mengerikan hari ini.


Bolton Tahan Imbang Arsenal Tanpa Gol


LONDON – Arsenal harus puas dengan hasil imbang ketika bertandang ke markas Bolton Wanderers di matchday ke-23, Liga Priemer Inggris.


The Gunners boleh dibilang sungguh tidak beruntung dalam laga ini. Menguasai jalannya pertandingan dan berhasil menciptakan berbagai peluang emas. Namun, hingga peluit panjang dibunyikan, Arsenal tidak kunjung juga menyarangkan bola di gawang tuan rumah.


Skor akhir kacamata-pun harus diterima dalam laga ini. Hasil ini membuat Arsenal turun keposisi ketujuh dengan perolehan 37 poin. Sedangkan Bolton masih di …

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“Props” Bring New Life to Sports books and Judi Online



With the beginning of the NFL Regular Season starting soon, it´s that time of year when millions of devoted football fanatics load up their sportsbook website and start to place wagers on their favorite teams. If you are one of these people who have become tired with the same old point spread and total, then the “proposition” bet may be just the breath of fresh air you need. This often overlooked aspect of the betting world is now becoming more popular among hardcore bettors. The proposition or “prop” (as it is more commonly referred to), involves almost every aspect of the game you can imagine. Maybe you´re willing to bet your salary that Brett Favre will throw for more than 300 yards against the Bengals, or that the Bengals will be the first team to score a touchdown in their first game of the regular season. Props not only involve wagers on a single game or player, but also on a specific team´s performance throughout the season. Some examples could be a wager on the Patriots to win the AFC Conference, risking $100 to win $165, or wagering on the long shot Atlanta Falcons to win the Super Bowl $100 to win almost $17000.


The Super Bowl is probably the most popular sporting event related to prop bets. In this particular game, you are able to wager on almost anything from the winner of the coin toss, all the way to a bet on whether the game will end in overtime. Not even the half-time show is off-limits in regards to prop wagers, some past props include: which song a certain performer will sing or if there will be another “wardrobe malfunction” as we saw a few years back.


Maybe football is not your cup of …

Togel Singapore

Online Roulette Togel Singapore tips on initial strategies



online Roulette winningThere are such games that imply using particular strategies and tricks to be able to have a success. Roulette is on the list of these games. Many people believe that luck comes along with Roulette. They watch movies about lucky men who win incredible amounts of money without any deep knowledge of the game. Afterwards such viewers follow their steps hoping to win really big. We should not underestimate luck, but what you must take into account first is strategies.


Here are some useful Togel Singapore strategies below:


First of all, you should not have any misunderstandings in the basic rules of Roulette, in its bets and odds. Everything should be clear for you.


Remember that you can hardly guess what number is going to be next in Roulette, since all spins are not connected with each other and made by chance. Place your bets carefully.


Before rushing to the table, think of your finance. You can put a certain amount aside and that will be considered a limit you should not exceed on no account. There are those, who don’t state their goal as money winning, but who play just for fun and enjoyment.


Some casinos offer a favorable bet that is commonly called La Partage bet, which means a gambler will get half of his money back if the ball lands at zero. There are lots of others attractive offers that can be described on various online casino blogs or sites.


Online casino Tropez and its brief review


Online casino Tropez was actually designed three years ago, but has already lived up to the most of online casino high standards in the short run. Nevertheless, the improvement of the casino is never stopped. The main goal is …