Lyndon Ogbourne (Emmerdale’s Nathan) interview

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How’s Nathan feeling since Declan stitched him up over Home Farm?

“I think he’s feeling very humiliated. Everything he’s strived for has fallen apart really. His family are turning against him, the house has been sold to the person he didn’t want it to and I think he’s a broken man!”

Can he get out of the village fast enough?

“Well, that’s what he’s hoping to do but I think he was hoping to do it with a bit of pride intact and also hopefully with a bit of his family intact. But literally everything has been taken away. In his final throes of being very spiteful, Nathan admits that he was trying to stitch Ryan up and was trying to do everything he could to screw him over.”

Well they’re winding each other up in the pub before that – can Nathan sense that Ryan is wanting revenge?

“Nathan thinks Ryan is clutching at straws and the one thing that Nathan is proud of is the fact that he has got to Ryan in quite a major way. But he’s unaware that Ryan is winding him up with a plan in mind. So yeah, I don’t’ think he really takes in how much revenge Ryan is looking to take.

“But as it is, Ryan gets everything out of Nathan – he gets him to admit to setting him up – which then eventually leads to Ryan getting Nathan to sign everything over to Maisie and Will. So when Nathan actually leaves, he literally has nothing – no money, no car, no family who loves or respect him – he is completely and utterly destitute.”

How does he feel when he realises Ryan and Declan have set him up?

“I think he’s just hollow at that point “

Is losing Maisie and Will the most heartbreaking thing for him?

“Definitely. I think people might start to feel a bit sorry for Nathan when he finds out that Maisie and Will have totally turned their backs on him, he’s just devastated and utterly defeated.”

Can you describe his last scene?

“He gives everything over, and as he walks away, Declan trips him up and chucks him to the floor, and gets him to hand over the keys and basically frogmarches him out of the house! He gets kicked to the floor and scrambles up and just walks away with absolutely nothing.”