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People learn better from playing games.  We raise and teach our children often times by making up games.  Games provide a creative outlet for our brain and make it easier to grasp dry subjects and make it fun.


Casino Cbet Texas Hold ‘em is supposed to be fun and it is fun, unless you fail to win.  To win you have to learn the rules and strategies and methodologies and pot odds and hand odds and much much more.  These days there are more books on Texas Hold ‘em than there are on building a nuclear reactor (well maybe that’s a good thing!)


Regardless one of the best things you can do to learn the game is take your lessons and books and recently learned tips and go play online with Play Money.


Play money play is not like playing with real money by a long shot, pun intended.  However, it can definitely provide you with a sense of the game movement, the procedures of the game and it can start to help you learn how to play with different styles and even more importantly play against different styles.


In Play money play you will see players going all in every other hand on occasion, which defeats the ‘realism’ of play, but keep in mind they are learning just like you are.  If they weren’t learning, you would be wathcing them on TV in a World Series of Poker Tournament, so no matter what level of experience they try to tell you that they have, they are still a newbie.  So don’t let that get you down.


Exception Proves the Rule – A few of the WSOP winners over the years have started their own online Texas Hold ‘em sites and they profess to playing in the play money games on occasion so who knows that player with a picture of a baby and the title of soccerMom91 might just be a Pro.