Hugh Jackman: The all-action hero

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It seems that blockbuster movies follow Hugh Jackman around wherever he goes these days. Born in 1968 in Sydney, Australia, to English parents, Jackman began life with academic pursuits in mind. Before getting onto the road of acting superstardom, he completed a degree in Communications and Journalism at the University of Technology in Sydney.

It was after he finished his studies here that he first started seriously thinking about acting. He followed up this desire by studying Drama at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts and it wasn’t long before he turned it into his profession.

Many actors spend years in poverty searching for that role to get them started. Jackman, either through luck or pure talent, was offered a role in an Australian prison drama, entitled Corelli, almost as soon as he had finished his acting course. No wonder he always looks so happy! This was no walk-on part either; Jackman had been offered the lead role in the drama.

He took the part and excelled. This role gave him the platform and profile he needed. He was now firmly in the shop window for other parts in TV and film. As an interesting side-note, Jackman also met his future wife, Deborra Lee Furness, on this show.

Not only did Jackman look and act the part, but in among an envy-inducing plethora of talents Jackman also had the ability to sing and this allowed him to get a part in the Australian musical version of Beauty and The Beast.

All of these parts were preparing him in earnest for the silver screen and the all-action character that we know today. Film parts were soon rolling in and, due to his physique and acting manner, he was being chosen for more and more physically demanding roles.

In 2000 he got the part that cemented his status as a big hitter in Hollywood. He was asked to play the role of Wolverine in X-Men, which has since become a huge global franchise. The dye had been cast and Jackman was to become a household name, synonymous with action movies.

Three helpings of X-Men and several tens of millions of dollars in earnings later Hugh Jackman can pretty much pick and choose whatever roles he wants – which says a lot for his new film Real Steel. Based on a touching relationship between father and son, Jackman again steps up to the plate to deliver a stunning performance in a movie drenched with eye-popping computer generated imagery that will leave you salivating with excitement. The relationship between him and his son is not the most straightforward but it defines this fast paced movie.

Real Steel is being released in the UK on October 14th and there is a huge amount of interest surrounding his latest role. Set in the near future where robots have an ever-increasing part to play in society, the Real Steel movie is a visual tour de force. And the fact that it has been made by Disney and DreamWorks suggests that you are in for a top-drawer piece of CGI action.

Without wanting to give too much away here, you can go online and see the Real Steel trailer which will whet your appetite and give you a feel for the sort of film that you can expect. It’s full of thrills and spills and that really suits the all-action Hugh Jackman down to the ground.

Whatever film he finds himself in these days you can almost guarantee there will be a decent amount of action in it as Hugh Jackman, with his rugged athleticism, seems like a man tailor-made for the role of action hero. If you like Jackman and Hollywood blockbusters, then you really need look no further this autumn than Real Steel.