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Peter Capaldi recently announced that, as of the end of 2017, he’ll no longer be the Doctor – and the search for the next incarnation of the Time Lord is on.

Here’s one suggestion as to who could take the TARDIS keys – Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer. This fan-made trailer casts Dormer as the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor…

A hugely talented actress, Natalie Dormer would be a perfect choice to play the first female Doctor.

She hasn’t ruled out the part, either; when asked, she said she “would do any role if I thought the script was fantastic. For me it’s always about the script. It has to be real human beings, contradictory, flawed, complex multidimensional characters. It can’t just be concept.”

The first female Doctor offers a chance for an entirely fresh perspective on an age-old story; every aspect of the show that has, up until now, felt so familiar will change entirely – giving the show a whole new unpredictable energy once again.

It’s a change that offers untold potential – potential that Doctor Who has never tapped before. It’s an exciting prospect to say the least.

“When was the last time you had your eyes opened?” asks Natalie Dormer’s Doctor at the end of the trailer. It’s not just a reference to the eye-opening experience of travelling in the TARDIS – the question is whether you’ve opened your eyes to a female Doctor. Have you?



Shaun McCamley and Casino

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Spread the love CHUCK – Can you tell us a little about InterContinental and your involvement with USA Casino and New York Casino? SHAUN – InterContinental Casinos is the trading name of ServiceNet Ltd, and is the gaming arm of an international investment group based…

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The Ryder Cup

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Spread the love Golf’s Ryder Cup took place last month, an event that pitted the best in the world from Europe and America over four days of unique competition. The European team, although underdogs at the off, were well-deserved winners. Actually, they thrashed the Americans.…