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France Ordered To Change Online Togel Online Casino Law



The European Commission has instructed the French Government to modify its draft law on online casino and gambling to allow foreign companies to operate in France or face legal action.


“Last week, we sent a detailed opinion to France concerning the draft law, which is aimed at prohibiting foreign gambling operators from coming to sell their services on the French market,” said Ton Van Lierop, Spokesman for the European Union.


The Commission said that the French draft law violates article 49 of the European Union treaty concerning the free provision of services. Van Lierop said that the French have until August 24 to change their draft law or face the possibility of being taken to court.


Neteller Exits Israeli Online Market


Online Togel Online gambling payment processor and company, NETeller Plc, has announced that it will no longer service online gambling transactions from residents of Israel.


‘Recent legal developments have increased the uncertainty regarding the legality around certain activities related to online gambling in the Israeli market,’ said the company in a press release. ‘The company has, therefore, concluded that the group will no longer process transfers related to online gambling sites on behalf of Israeli resident customers.’


In late-June, a Tel Aviv court upheld a lower court ruling that stated gambling websites targeting Israelis are breaking the law even if these are run and registered abroad. The original ruling was surrounding the case against Michael Carlton, Chief Executive Officer for Victor Chandler, in January.


Carlton is a British citizen who lives in Gibraltar but his online gambling site was determined to be illegally targeting Israel residents.


NETeller said that it would be limiting its services for Israel residents in the same way it does for US residents. Israeli customers …

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DigiByte price is soaring DGB Minecraft Memes, Crypto Gambling and Citibank



Digibyte Price

This morning it became apparent that the cryptocoin called DigiByte ($DGB) was set to skyrocket in price. In the past 24 hours, the price of the coin went up a cool 43%, and beat its own previous top price (from May 21st) – once, and hasn’t looked back since. But why – why has DigiByte suddenly turned into the third most traded coin on the market overnight? We’ve got a few answers.




  1. Minecraft Integration

There’s some confusion when it comes to this particular point, but the end result is the same – DigiByte will indeed have their own Minecraft server soon. To be super clear, this does not mean that Mojang nor Microsoft are affiliated with DigiByte, nor the other way around. This has nothing to do – nothing directly, anyway – to do with the release of the Minecraft Marketplace this week, the Discovery Update 1.1, or Minecraft Coins.


The Minecraft DigiByte server will be housed at Mine That Digi and it’ll be launched on the 10th of June, 2017. That’ll coincide with the event taking place on the 9th with Citi. This is just one part of the puzzle.


The reason this Minecraft announcement has caught on in the crypto-hype market is its perfect timing with the two events mentioned above. Minecraft Marketplace with Minecraft Coins launched this week on Bedrock Platforms, and DigiByte (official) is going to make a presentation at a Citi event.


UPDATE: Just for kicks we’ve also reached out the the Minecraft team at Microsoft to ask if any DigiByte business was coming to Minecraft in the near future. They said that this was “the first they’d heard of it”. So that’ll be a final nail in …


Cara Memilih Tempat Taruhan Online Bandarqq Terbaik dan Terpercaya



Seringkali pemain taruhan olahraga terjerumus di dalam situs abal-abal. Mereka kehilangan banyak waktu dan uang. Namun, hal tersebut belum bisa membuat jera para pemain judi online. Kebanyakan dari mereka cenderung bermain judi online dengan serampangan. Keberadaan situs judi online terpercaya amatlah mudah. Sayangnya, bagi pemain judi online pemula hal tersebut tidak mudah digapai. Kebanyakan pemain judi online lebih memilih mengikuti kebiasaan para pemain judi online sebelumnya.


Cara Memilih Tempat Taruhan Online Terbaik dan Terpercaya


Terjerumus di dalam lubang kerugian sudah sepatutnya segera dibenahi. Pemain judi online harus bisa membawa diri dan memainkan perannya dengan benar. Ia bisa bermain judi online dengan tenang, tetapi dengan beberapa syarat. Salah satunya dengan menemukan lokasi bermainan judi online yang tepat. Demi memuluskan niatannya tersebut, pemain judi online sudah sepatutnya menelaah lebih jauh mengenai Cara Memilih Tempat Taruhan Online Terbaik dan Terpercaya.


Bagimu, hal tersebut mungkin tidak penting. Namun, hal tersebut sebenarnya amat menenangkan sekali bilamana si pemain bisa memaksimalkan dengan baik setiap lokasi bermain judi online. Setiap lokasi judi online yang tepat pasti akan memberikan keuntungan bagi setiap pemain. Ia tidak akan membiarkan si pemain merugi. Meski ini masih terikat soal bisnis, lokasi bermain judi online akan tetap mengedepankan keuntungan terbesar bagi pihak pemain. Supaya kamu bisa tenang bermain judi online, berikut ini Cara Memilih Tempat Taruhan Online Terbaik dan Terpercaya:


Bergabung ke dalam situs yang sudah memiliki banyak pemain

Bonus besar memang menggiurkan. Siapa sjaa pasti akan tertarik apabila mendapat penawaran yang seperti demikian. Sayangnya, hal Bandarqq tersebut seringkali hanya dijadikan sebagai umpan oleh pemilih situ judi online yang nakal. Mereka lebih gemar mengumbar janji dibanding menyaksikan par pemain tersenyum senang.


Oleh sebab itu, mulai saat ini ada baiknya kamu mencari situs judi online dengan jumlah pemain yang banyak. Semakin banyak pemain di dalam situs tersebut, …

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How to Play Safe at an Online Joka Casino



The online industry offers unique and progressive propositions to everyone it touches, and today that’s pretty much everyone! Businesses, consumers, governments, travelers, students, educators, social workers, gamers, media, artists and evangelists; all depend on it. Entertainment has found a sweet spot on the internet and people have taken to it like bees take to honey. A big part of the entertainment industry is online casinos. To rope in and retain players, they offer amazing bonuses, flashy games and all sorts of glamour. But there is something that makes everyone on the internet uncomfortable. It is the dark side of the industry that is seldom talked about. Hacking and hackers is the sword that hangs over our heads constantly. No one wants a compromise on their personal information, especially when it is directly linked to bank details, transaction history and identity. Online casinos aren’t immune to cyber attacks. While most good brands invest in good security systems designed to keep out cyber thieves, there are some black sheep. It’s a subject no one wants to talk about because they are uncomfortable and may be too scared and conscious about their reputation. Unlike them, we care only about the truth and believe that players need to be aware so they can protect themselves. Prevention is better than cure. Here are some things to keep in mind to help you walk on this double sided sword without hurting yourself.


How to Play Safe at an Online Casino


“Everything in an online casino, be it games, bonuses or promotions. All are designed to keep you in the house”


If you’ve read recent news, you know about the current buzz on WannaCry ransomware that shook the cyber world. WannaCry attacked over 200,000 computers and the hackers asked for up to …




Au Blackjack en ligne, Pas besoin de bluffer! Essayez comme vous le pouvez; il vous sera difficile de trouver un jeu en France que les amateurs de jeux aiment plus que ce jeu. Connu aussi sous le nom « 21 ». Le Blackjack est un jeu de cartes où les joueurs sont en concurrence directe contre le croupier. Le but reste de voir qui peut venir le plus proche de 21 points sans le dépasser afin de gagner de l’argent réel.


En jetant un œil sur la mécanique du jeu, il est facile de voir pourquoi ce jeu est si populaire chez les joueurs. On comprend aussi pourquoi il est classé parmi les meilleurs jeu dans les casinos en ligne français. C’est un jeu qui peut être agréable aussi bien pour les joueurs débutants que pour les joueurs professionnels. A cause du fait qu’il reste un jeu de casino en ligne simple et facile.


Lorsque vous êtes nouveau joueur à ce jeu et que vous jouiez depuis la France; c’est plus une question de chance. A ce niveau, c’est plus intéressant pour vous de jouer quelques mains dans la simplicité. Plus vos connaissances se développent; vous commencez à voir des stratégies que vous pouvez utiliser à votre avantage. Le jeu continue d’évoluer de manière remarquable dans l’environnement des jeux en ligne. Vous pouvez jouer gratuitement en ligne ou pour de l’argent réel. Tout dépend de votre poche ainsi que du casino en ligne que vous avez choisi.


Blackjack en ligne gratuit



Six ponts sont utilisés pour jouer au blackjack en ligne. Pour s’assurer que le comptage des cartes n’est pas possible et permettre un jeu équitable.

Chaque casino en ligne a ses règles sur quand …

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What It Means to be a Professional Player on casino en ligne



There have been a number of recent articles at various poker web sites regarding how you can’t make money on the tournament trail. One article even went as far as to say that you can never be a professional poker player. I would like to address that article.


First of all, in order to deciefer whether or not one can be a professional poker player, one must know what the definition of “professional” is. According to one definition at, “professional” means “engaging in a given activity as a source of livelihood or as a career”. With that definition in mind, I can confidently report that there are “professionals” playing at just about every level of poker.


Here are a few examples…


Let’s start with Wayne. Wayne is a good friend of mine that plays about six hours a day of 1-4-8-8 at the President Casino. Wayne is a solid player who never goes on tilt. He takes the swings and survives the rake of low limits. While I think that Wayne could do much better for himself if he would move up to 10-20, he seems to be satisfied taking home an average of about $500 per week. You might compare his salary to that of a “professional” bartender.


Scott is an online player. We interviewed Scott on a recent edition of our Monday Night Poker radio show. Scott says that he plays limits that range from 2-4 to 15-30 and takes home an average of $600 per week. Again, this is not an example of somebody making a killing with poker, but certainly an example of somebody using poker as a source of livelihood. You might compare his salary to that of a “professional” educator.


David is in a situation that …

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BOSPLC Acquires Two Chinese Online Gambling Sportsbooks in China



BETonSPORTS plc, one of the world’s largest US and Asia-facing online gaming companies, announces the acquisition of China facing sportsbooks Hooball and 777ball. The addition of these brands effectively doubles BETonSPORTS’ Asian market presence.

100 per cent Internet based with a principal customer base in Guangdong and Zheziang provinces, Beijing and Shanghai, sportsbook activity largely centres on football and basketball. The business will be fully integrated into the existing Easy Bets operating structure in Malaysia to deliver enhanced management control, cost savings, improved processing channels, additional key personnel skills and product diversification across all BETonSPORTS plc’s Asian brands.


The initial purchase consideration and the value attributable to the assets, of US$22 million, will be satisfied on completion of the acquisition as to US$10 million in cash and the issue of 3,859,089 ordinary shares of 1p each in the capital of the Company (the “Consideration Shares”*). Deferred consideration of up to US$16 million has been agreed, to be paid in cash depending on the profitability of the business in the year after completion. The maximum total purchase consideration for the business is US$38 million.


The historic profit before tax to 31 December 2005 (unaudited) of the business being acquired was US$3.6 million. The current rate of gross handle is approximately $120 million (RMB1,000 million approx) per annum, in respect of two sportsbook brands, but including exchange betting of $8 million per annum; additionally, there is a new casino, which commenced operations in March 2006, with an initial gross handle of $5 million in that month.


During the 15 months ending 31 March 2006 the business had 28,274 sign ups, 40% of which were real money sign ups with deposits. Active clients (being unique customers wagering in a month) between January 2005 and March 2006 remained relatively …

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Peraturan bermain dan menjadi member kami :


Setiap Member harus menyetujui Persyaratan dan Peraturan Disini sebelum melakukan pemasangan taruhan :


Usia minimum untuk membuka account melalui Homebet88 adalah 18 tahun.

Setiap Member bertanggung jawab untuk menjaga kerahasiaan User ID dan Passwordnya.

Setiap Member wajib memberikan Data terbaru, khususnya Nomor Handphone dan Rekening Bank.

Setiap Pemindahan Saldo, hanya dapat dilakukan antar ID dengan nama member yg sama. Minimum Pemindahan Saldo adalah Rp. 50.000,-

Setiap Deposit dan Withdraw, hanya diterima dan dikirimkan ke Rekening Bank terdaftar.

Minimum Deposit & Withdraw adalah ( Untuk Deposit Rp. 50.000,- & Untuk Withdraw Rp. 50.000,-

Permintaan Deposit & Withdraw dapat dilakukan 24 jam sehari, 7 hari seminggu, 365 hari setahun.

Selama Bank tidak sedang Offline atau maintenance, akan langsung diproses setelah member Konfirmasi.

Demi Keamanan, Homebet88 berhak menonaktifkan account yg telah 1 bulan tidak aktif dan saldo yg telah kosong.

Management Homebet88 berhak menolak keanggotaan member yg tidak menaati peraturan yang berlaku.

Peraturan Deposit :


Minimum Deposit Rp 50.000

Deposit akan di proses bila menggunakan rekening bank yang telah terdaftar.

Deposit akan di proses bila menggunakan Internet banking, ATM

Sebelum Melakukan Deposit harus Konfirmasikan terlebih dahulu melalui CS kami

Deposit diharapkan tidak mendekati jam offline bank, apabila kami tidak bisa cek mutasi rekening maka deposit anda akan diproses setelah bank online kembali atau kita dapat cek mutasi rekening

Kami tidak menerima bukti transfer apapun seperti bukti transfer SMS banking, Internet banking & Slip transfer

Peraturan Withdraw :


Minimum Withdraw Rp 50.000

Withdraw akan di kirimkan ke rekening yang terdaftar

Withdraw akan diproses Setelah member melakukan konfirmasi ke kami

Dalam sehari, member hanya bisa melakukan withdraw sebanyak 3 kali

Konfirmasi Withdraw Dapat Dilakukan melalui via Livechat , BBM , Telp / sms , Ym , Email

Jadwal Bank BCA Offline / Posting …

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Mendapatkan Keuntungan Dengan Bermain Judi



Bandar Casino Indonesia yang akan membahas mengenai mendapatkan keuntungan dengan bermain judi. Mencari uang adalah salah satu keinginan orang yang tidak bisa dipungkiri. Uang dalam kehidupan kita memang sangat berharga. Uang bisa dikatakan untuk bertahan hidup. Tanpa ada uang kita pasti akan kesulitan untuk melakukan suatu hal. Uang juga tak datang dengan sendirinya. Maka dari itu Anda pun juga pasti menginginkan uang demi kehidupan Anda. tapi tahukah Anda cara untuk mendapatkan uang dengan cara yang mudah dan tidak terlalu memeras keringan. Dengan bermain judi merupakan salah satu caranya. Dengan bermain judi Anda tidak perlu susah-susah untuk bisa mendapatkannya.


Apalagi jika Anda bermain judi online. Anda akan dengan sangat mudah mendapatkan keuntungan dengan waktu yang relatif cepat. melakukan permainan judi secara online ini memang akan bisa memberikan peluang yang begitu sangat besar jika ingin bisa meraup keuntungan yang banyak. Bila anda yang mau melakukan permainan judi ini anda bisa melakukannya dengan bergabung di dalam agen judi bola yang terpercaya. Agen judi bola yang terpercaya memang akan bisa sangat menjamin di dalam anda melakukan permainan judi ini secara online.


Agen judi bola yang terpercaya memang akan memberikan banyak sekali layanan kemudahan dalam anda melakukan permainan judi. anda juga akan bisa sangat terbantu untuk bisa mendapatkan banyak sekali uang jika melakukan kegiatan berjudi ini dengan cara online  poker online dan bergabung dengan agen judi yang terpercaya. Tak akan anda merasa bosan jika melakukan permainan judi ini dnegan cara online dan juga bergabung dengan agen judi yang terpercaya.


Manjakan Diri Anda Dengan Bermain Judi Online


Bandar Casino Indonesia yang akan menyajikan berita mengenai manjakan diri anda dengan bermain judi online. Bermalas-malas dan juga mendapatkan keuntungan dengan mudah merupakan sebuah keinginan yang sangat diharapkan oleh banyak orang. Dengan melakukan hal seperti itu memang memberikan sebuah kenikmatan dan kesenangan. Tapi …

Togel Singapore




During the 1994 Los Angeles earthquake, my house convulsed in the dark. I leaped from my bed to the hall doorway moments before a bookcase fell across the spot where I had been sleeping. Was my action a gamble or a calculated risk? Was I lucky? When we buy stock, change jobs, buy more computer technology, get married or buy a lottery ticket are we gambling or taking a calculated risk? What’s luck got to do with it?


In these turn of the century years, chaos and change bring disruption and opportunity to almost every area of our lives. Job security, gender roles and viable opportunities are in continual change. To keep our balance, survive and thrive we need to be clear and focused in our actions. Every choice we make, including the choice to do nothing, involves some kind of risk. A gamble has a high probability of loss. A calculated risk has a much higher probability of a positive outcome. Knowing the difference is essential to our success.


To make successful decisions and take positive action we must be in the realistic present. Emotional decision making can be lethal when governed by unexamined personal weaknesses and wounds from childhood. Finding and resolving old patterns of emotional highs and lows increases our ability to make a calculated risk. Even if old patterns are not resolved, acknowledging them and setting them aside during decision making can create better chances for being a winner.


Here is a comparison check list of traits and tendencies for gamblers and calculated risk takers.


Togel Singapore Gambler

Looks for excitement and danger.

Jumps in with the crowd momentum, not wanting to be left out or left behind.

Blames others or luck for bad outcome.

Lingers over losing …