Sometimes UFA Women Do Have an Advantage

PokerPages has instituted a new discussion forum for women poker players. It looks as it’s going to be a rich source for discussion and a rich source of article topic ideas for me.

One of the first threads was started by PokerVeteran, an internet poker troll. He basically proclaimed that women belong in the bedroom, not the cardroom.

Of course, as you might expect, a number of posters felt the need to tell him how wrong he was. A couple of them were men. Randy made a very polite post pointing out that PokerVeteran never posted anything with any poker content and calling him an a-hole.

My boss, Mark, made a post claiming, among other things, that women don’t have an advantage at the poker table.

It was Marks post that inspired this column. I think he’s wrong. I think women do have an advantage at the UFA poker table. It’s a situational advantage. It’s not an unfair advantage. And, not all women exploit the advantage. But, they do have an advantage.

Our troll, PokerVeteran, and Randy, our gentlemen, are examples of the kinds of opponents that often unwittingly give women an advantage.

Different players will react to situations in different ways.

Mr. Macho

He doesn’t think women belong at the table, and he’s aggressive about it.

Most men who think of poker in terms of a man’s game will think of it as a game of controlled aggression. But, a guy who gets verbally aggressive about not wanting women at the table is a guy who isn’t really strong on the control part. He’s likely to become hyper-aggressive, almost maniacal, when competing against a woman for the pot.

A woman who realizes that can exploit it.

Generally, the Mr. Macho kind of guy will not react well to an …


Ligaz11 Poker in the USA By Tina Napolitano

As I write this we have 4 days to go at Reno and 6 days left for the World Poker Open in Tunica. Reno has seen has not seen the numbers that were expected for the bigger buy-in events, but since the introduction of some new events with smaller buy-ins they seem to have found the larger crowd of players again. Glad to see that Amarillo Slim still has what it takes to win the events even at his age of 74, and despite his rigorous cattle ranching of the past months.


Mark has been in Tunica covering every final table of the World Poker Open with video footage, and this can be seen on the home page of www.PokerPages.com, and we will be bringing you the live internet audio broadcast from the main event, with the Million ligaz11 dollar guarantee. There will be audio highlights in the evening of day 1, 2 and 3 and then the full coverage of the final table action will start at noon on the 26th January.


You can also read the fabulous daily reports from Nolan Dalla on every event along with the daily updated results. I am sure that this event is going to be huge and they have already set the dates for 2003. Did you know that Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot could sing? Watch the video of the Omaha Tournament on the 18th to see for yourself.


Also in another casino in Tunica there has been action of a different kind. The Tunica Classic at the Grand has enjoyed the smaller buy-in events and have had great numbers also. This actually ends today, but full results and photos will be posted on PokerPages as we get them. Oceans Eleven is having the final day of their Puttin’ on …


Shaun McCamley and Casino

CHUCK – Can you tell us a little about InterContinental and your involvement with USA Casino and New York Casino?

SHAUN – InterContinental Casinos is the trading name of ServiceNet Ltd, and is the gaming arm of an international investment group based in Switzerland and Antigua. I am the company Vice President General Manager of International Operations and my role, in addition to ongoing business development strategies, is to broaden our player base from within the South East Asia Pacific regions.

What do you think makes your casinos successful? Is it the software?

Obviously having good software is important but so is our 24-hour customer support and our commitment to giving our players a fair deal. And, of course, having a well-rounded team of professionals to manage and develop the business, as InterContinental does, is, in my view, equally important to ensuring a successful operation.

I had a sneak preview of your new multi-player games and they look absolutely sensational. When do you expect to have them up and running?

This new software will be the benchmark for other online casinos to follow, and will be available within the next few weeks.

What are the most popular games at USA and New York?

Currently blackjack, roulette and slots.

I hear from a lot of Internet gamblers and many are skeptical about the fairness of Internet casinos. How do you win over their trust?

We ensure that our payments to winners are done as efficiently and as quickly as possible. We pay close attention to the timely answering of questions and queries from our players. We feel it is important to be as open and honest with our players as we possibly can, even to the extent of meeting with them personally to discuss their problems whenever a business trip to …

Poker Online Pkv

The Ryder Cup

Golf’s Ryder Cup took place last month, an event that pitted the best in the world from Europe and America over four days of unique competition. The European team, although underdogs at the off, were well-deserved winners. Actually, they thrashed the Americans. And to hear the Europeans talk about it, I was reminded that the golf and poker worlds are not so dissimilar.

The unique thing about the Ryder Cup is how it transforms a sport for individuals into a team sport. Players who have spent their careers competing for themselves alone are suddenly put into situations in which they have to rely on and perform for teammates rather than themselves. And with the European golfers winning four out of the last five Ryder Cups despite being outclassed on paper, these results have shown that the ability to perform as an individual does not necessarily transfer over to team play.

What if a “poker” Ryder Cup was organized? Would European team spirit be enough to overcome a perceived American advantage in individual skills? I’d like to bet on it, but first there needs to be a format created to transform poker into a team game rather than an individual one. I have an idea, using golf’s Ryder Cup as a model, whereby players compete over three days in three disciplines — Fourballs, Foursomes, and Singles. Here’s a poker equivalent of these disciplines:

In golf Fourballs, players play in groups of four, two from each team. Although each player plays his own ball, only a team’s best score counts on each hole. A poker equivalent of this would be to pit two from each team against each other in two head-up matches — playing the same cards! While Player A on one team played Player B from another team, the other …

Judi Slot Online

Vegas Judi Slot Online Casinos Head to the Far East

It seems that Las Vegas casino operators are looking for customers beyond the borders of the Silver State yet again. First it was MGM/Mirage acquiring an online casino license from the Isle of Man. Now five Vegas gaming companies are looking at setting up shop in the former Portuguese colony of Macau.

The opportunity arose when casino tycoon Dr. Stanley Ho’s forty-year gambling monopoly in the territory came to an end in 2001. Three casino licenses are now available and there are 20 companies from around the globe bidding for the 25-year licenses.

Macau became a Special Administrative Region of China in 1999, and has a fair amount of autonomy over internal affairs. Like Hong Kong, Macau isn’t subject to China’s economic policies; capitalism is alive and well in the territory and casinos are a multi-billion dollar business.

U.K.-based Aspinalls is one of the familiar names in the hunt for a license, but Vegas companies are leading the charge. MGM/Mirage Macau, Asian American Entertainment Corp., Lucky 9 Casino Corp., Wynn Resorts Ltd., and MP Entertainment (a Park Place Entertainment / Mandalay Resort Group joint venture) all have their names on the list of potential candidates.

That doesn’t mean they’re going to get in, however. Ho’s STDM group is expected to get one of the licenses and MGM/Mirage will likely get the second, leaving only the third up for grabs. MGM is reported to have been willing to spend US$2 billion to operate casinos in the territory, and it will be hard for the people in charge to ignore those kinds of numbers.

Two-thirds of Macau’s annual revenue from a 35-percent betting tax, and these new ventures stand to substantially increase that amount. They will also attract more tourist dollars and international Judi Slot Online corporations to the region if the …

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Poker.com Opens Ladbrokes Slot Online Poker Room

VANCOUVER, BC, Canada — Poker.com, Inc. (NASD OTC BB:PKER.OB), a leading provider of online gaming systems, is excited to announce the successful launch by Ladbrokes of their poker room. Ladbrokes is the world’s largest bookmaker and the betting and gaming division of Hilton Group plc, the world’s premier international hotel brand.

Ladbrokes poker room is the first of many sub-poker rooms to be run under the Microgaming agreement. Poker.com entered into a strategic relationship with Microgaming Software Systems LTD to market online multi-player poker software sublicenses.

Microgaming’s intention is to provide all their casino licensees with a poker card room sublicense. The Card room will offer several different variations of poker games that include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 5 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud, and tournaments along with future enhancements as they are released.

Poker.com will earn a monthly royalty fee from revenue generated by Ladbrokes card room.

“Having such a well-known and recognized gaming organization using our software is a real delight and pleasure for Poker.com Inc. Licensees with this level of expertise both secures Poker.com’s position within the gaming marketplace and solidifies the companies future growth,” said Christa Taylor, President and CFO of Poker.com.

Jackpot Madness Launches Roulette Royale

CURACAO — Jackpot Madness, the World’s#1 Jackpot Destination, announces the launch of Roulette Royale, the Web’s ONLY progressive roulette game. Starting at $60,000, Roulette Royale joins a network of the 10 most popular progressive games on the web. This launch follows April’s fantastically successful launch of Major Millions, which paid out the biggest jackpot in online gaming history to its first winner – a record-breaking $1,594,649.21. In all, Jackpot Madness casinos have paid out a grand total of over $67,000,000.

Roulette Royale is an exciting game of chance based on traditional Roulette and is connected to multiple casinos …

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George’s Situs Online Judi Terbaik 2021 Premiership Predictions

As around a dozen games are left in the Barclay’s Premier League, it seems Chelsea might be on course for the title following Manchester City’s defeat against a resurgent Liverpool at Anfield.


Tonight’s midweek’s matches include Manchester City against bottom club Leicester where anything less than a win could hand the title to Situs Online Judi Terbaik 2021 Chelsea who face West Ham in an all-London derby. Manchester United travel to the North East to play Newcastle while QPR face Arsenal at Loftus Road.


Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Man City 2 v Leicester 0

Newcastle 2 v Man Utd 2

QPR 0 v Arsenal 2

Stoke 1 v Everton 1

Tottenham 2 v Swansea 1

West Ham 1 v Chelsea 3

Liverpool 2 v Burnley 1


More Burnley Than West Ham As Points Safety Total Lowers


West Ham were relegated in 18th spot with 42 points in 2002/03, whilst Burnley finished in the same position with just 30 points in 2009/10 and bet365 think it could be low 30’s, rather than 40’s, for the team ending the 2014/15 campaign in 18th.


There was a relegation feel to Tuesday night’s fixtures with Aston Villa (Evens for the drop) hosting local rivals West Brom (33/1) and Steve Bruce’s Hull team (3/1) looking to get one over on his former club Sunderland (3/1).


2014/15 Premier League


Points Total of Side Finishing 18th


To Be Relegated

Yes No

Burnley 4/11 9/4

Leicester 2/5 2/1

QPR 4/7 11/8

Aston Villa Evs 4/5

Sunderland 3/1 1/4

Hull 3/1 1/4

West Brom 33/1

Crystal Palace 33/1


Relegated Teams


Burnley, Leics & QPR 10/3 Burnley, Leics & Villa 5/1 Leics, QPR & Villa 13/2 Burnley, QPR & Villa 8/1 Burnley, Leics & Hull 16/1 Burnley, QPR & …

Togel Singapore

Good Togel Singapore bet: Riveting glimpse of cheaters in Vegas


With television debuting a new show on the glories of Las Vegas casinos approximately every four hours these days, it might be wise to consider the words of Richard Marcus in tonight’s premiere of the History Channel’s Breaking Vegas: ‘The only `sure thing’ in gambling is cheating.”


Marcus, like the other featured players in Breaking Vegas, is a career cheater. This fascinating documentary series uses interviews, old news footage and recreated scenes to tell the stories of gamblers who use everything from cutting-edge silicon chips to old-fashioned nimble fingers to gain an edge on the casinos.


High- and low-tech cheaters both get their props in tonight’s special two-hour debut. (Future episodes of Breaking Vegas will be only an hour.) But champions of traditional values will note with satisfaction that it’s the old-school guys who got away with millions of bucks, while the computer whiz kids went to jail.


To call the cheating ring led by Richard Marcus low-tech is a whopping understatement. As Marcus himself admits, his technique was ”so simple it’s idiotic” — he just slipped chips onto or off of the table when blackjack dealers and roulette tourneurs weren’t looking.


At first, Marcus and his crew added high-value chips to winning bets. But as casino surveillance teams caught on to that one, Marcus reversed his ploy: He bet high every time but replaced big chips with small ones when his bets lost. Touchingly, he named the technique ”Savannah,” after his favorite Vegas topless dancer.


Marcus, never arrested in 24 years of cheating, now lives in retirement on the French Riviera. Less lucky, and more morally ambiguous, was Ron Harris, a rogue computer-security specialist for the Nevada Gaming Commission, the agency that regulates casinos.


His job was to detect rigged software in …

Togel Hongkong

Premier Togel Hongkong League Play-Offs



Soccerphile explores more proposals for change in the English Premier League.


As Soccerphile has documented over the last few years, suggestions with regards to restructuring the Premier League have been plentiful. There was talk in 2008 of a 39th fixture being added to the annual schedule, with each club playing outside of England for this game. There were rumblings about the Old Firm (Rangers and Celtic) joining England’s elite league once again this season, while Bolton Phil Gartside also proposed the idea of a two-tier Premiership with no promotion or relegation outside of it.


The in-vogue discussion ahead of the next Premier League chairman’s meeting in April is of a play-off system being introduced which would see the clubs finishing between fourth and seventh battling for a spot in the Champions League. The idea Togel Hongkong behind such a move would be to inject more competition into a league that has seen the same four clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United – qualify for the competition from the Premier League for the past six seasons.


As with other potential areas of change that have been mooted over the past few years, there are supporters and detractors of this latest proposal. Perhaps unsurprisingly it is the current ‘chasing pack’ behind the Premier League’s ‘Big Four’ that have stepped forward to champion this suggestion. Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp believes that introducing a Champions League play-off system in the Premier League would increase excitement and work as well as the Football League Play-Offs. Aston Villa’s Martin O’Neill thinks the system would reinvigorate the aspirations of mid-table teams.


Liverpool manager Rafa Benítez has poured scorn over the ideas, believing more games would lead to players being exposed to great risk of injury and clubs “playing until …

Data HK

South Korea Strikes Back Data HK Against China



It turns out that ‘Koreaphobia’ is a condition not easily cured. For South Korea and China, this week is the ‘decider’. The two neighbours have crossed swords twice this year already with the score resting at 1-1. Events over the next 48 hours will determine which nation emerges as the winner.


The Koreans have long had the upper hand when it comes to the beautiful game. In 32 meetings between the two national teams, China had never won. Such a Data HK woeful record gave rise to the pseudo-psychological condition that described the fear of playing Korea. It was a term coined in the Middle Kingdom but taken up with gusto in the Land of the Morning Calm.


That all changed on a February evening in Tokyo when China shocked the Asian Tigers with a 3-0 win. The result wasn’t flattering in the least and it could easily have been more.


The victory was the best moment for Chinese football since they reached the 2004 Asian Cup final. It was greeted with a hail of happy headlines on the west side of the Yellow Sea and provoked gloom, doom and much soul-searching over on the east. Only a 2-0 win over Ivory Coast a month later lightened the mood ahead of the World Cup – that and last week’s results.


The Asian Champions League reached the halfway stage and as it did so, Korea’s four representatives in the competition met China’s quartet. Each of the eight groups contains four teams with the top two progressing to the second round. It was a clean sweep for Korea as all four K-League teams triumphed against Chinese Super league opposition.


Seongnam Ilhwa Chunma started the week coming back from a goal down at home against the …