The Top 5 Players of the Sihoki Slot , Part 3


Here’s my pick for the third-best performance of the 2006 Sihoki Slot preliminary events. If you missed the earlier entries, click on the other names in the Top 5 list below.

The rest of this list will be coming soon. Then we can return our focus to the top stories of the Main Event.

The Top 5 Players of the 2006 WSOP Prelim Events:

  1. Jeff Madsen
  2. Phil Hellmuth
  3. Joe Hachem
  4. Joe Hachem

Carlos Mortensen was the last WSOP champion (in 2001) to receive much respect. Ever since Robert Varkonyi won in 2002, and the fields started exploding post-Moneymaker, everyone expects the winner to be an unknown. And then they immediately disregard the unknown winner as “lucky.”

Our reigning champion, Joe Hachem, was unknown to American fans when he won $7.5 million last year. But Hachem was comfortable with the title of champion in a way that Chris Moneymaker never was. A lot of poker fans felt that Hachem had to prove himself as a worthy champion with a follow-up victory of some kind. But Hachem never felt the pressure to prove anything to anyone at this year’s WSOP.

New Rules: Cover Her, Don’t Pimp Her

New Rule: If you’re the exclusive real time reporting media outlet, you should actually try covering the, now, only remaining woman in the WSOP field.

I noticed that Card Player put up an obligatory video interview with Sabyl Cohen yesterday as she was one of the three remaining women in the field. But so far today, she can’t buy coverage.

According to CP, her stack has gone from 398,000 to 960,000 to 1,400,000 to 905,000. So far they have covered one of her hands. How many interns does it take to cover 9 tables; apparently more than seventeen. And Card Player still has her …

QQWIN99 In Denmark: Skill or Luck?


As the Shrink has argued many times in the past, the entire “legal” argument about poker as ‘game of skill’ or ‘game of luck” is unproductive and misses the point. The point being that governments anywhere have no right, no business and no mandate to be mucking around if what you do with your time, your money and your life. Yet, again another country of poker players are having their rights restricted based on the bogus discussion of “Luck vs. Skill”, this time we take you to Denmark.

The Danish High Court (Eastern Division) ruled that tournament QQWIN99 is a game of chance, overturning a previous lower district court ruling that, of course, found poker to be a game of skill and games of skill are not subject to Denmark’s restrictive gambling laws.

The decision is a setback for the Danish Poker Association which once again finds itself in breach of the Danish Criminal Law. Yes, their existence, including lobbying and speaking out for the rights of poker players are technically criminal under the existing law.

Poker tournament organizers have been sued by, who else, the Danish Casino Association for organizing illegal gambling events. Not that the DCA organizes anywhere near the number of poker events the poker playing public would demand in an open and free marketplace.

There will be another appeal, of course, but in the meantime the estimated half a million Danes who play poker will have to consider whether an evening of enjoyment playing poker is worth arrest and possible prosecution with penalties right up there with auto theft and burglary.

“Women in Poker” Hall of Fame

The Ladies International Poker Series (LIPS) Tour is founding the Women in Poker Hall of Fame, which will be located at Binion’s Gambling Hall & Hotel, the original …

How To Take Your Brand To The crypto trust International Marketplace


If you own and run a business, one of your main goals should be to take the company to the international stage. Selling in foreign territories is the best way to expand your operations and score even more clients. However, it can be tricky to know if you’re going about things in the right way. For that reason, it’s a good idea to get some professional advice from people who understand what it takes. With that in mind, we’ve published this post with the express intention of giving you a helping hand. While you don’t have to follow our advice, you’d be foolish to ignore it completely.

Understanding the law and regulations that affect your brand

Depending on where you plan to trade in the world, you might encounter problematic laws and regulations. It is entirely possible that you might have to satisfy certain conditions before selling in specific countries. That is why you’re going to need the help of legal professionals with experience in this field. Thankfully, a simple online search should present you with lots of experts who can help. All you have to do is get in touch, discuss your requirements and see how they can assist.

Renting business premises in a foreign country

Unless you’re planning to ship everything from your home country, you might require premises abroad. To accomplish that, you’re going to need permission from the government of that country to operate within their boundaries. Finding the right premises can be tough. For that reason, you will want to get in touch with commercial real estate agents in your chosen location. Just make sure you know exactly what you need from the premises before contacting them. Thanks to remote working, you don’t have to be stationed there permanently though.

Marketing and advertising your …

Otis’ final prelude sbobet


“It’s not hard to play this game. The hard part is getting up and leaving.”

I never got the guy’s name. It’s funny, you know? If you sit down to dinner with someone, you’ll likely know their name before you finish your salad. At a sbobet poker table, you can spend hours and hours talking with someone. You might learn some of the most intimate details of their life. And yet, when it’s all over, you couldn’t even look up their name in the phonebook.

I sat with the dude who said the above line for more than 12 hours at various tables and I have no idea who he is. All I know is that G-Rob, during a late-night hit-and-run session, cracked the dude’s aces with 6-9. A day later, without mention of the hand, the dude said it:

“It’s not hard to play this game. The hard part is getting up and leaving.”

Eight hours later, the guy had won $8000 in the nightly second chance tourney and I was still stuck.

I was the first of the G-Vegas team to arrive in Tunica. With a cheap flight and a rented Chrysler 300, I made my way though the dirty streets of Memphis, down Highway 61, and across the border into Mississippi. Just crossing the state line made me feel sick to my stomach. The state holds a lot of ugly memories for me, and despite being made an honorary Mississippian by former Governor Kirk Fordice (the only Governor I’ve ever known who has threatened–on television–to whip a TV reporter’s ass), very few things would move me to willingly travel to the Magnolia State.

Within an hour of getting my car, I was walking into the Grand. Again, I had stuff a roll of money in my …

Kallllle Wins 2011 keluaran hk WCOOP Main Event


The 2011 World Championship of Online Poker has come to an end.  With more than $40,000,000 in prizes handed out over the course of 62 events, the 2011 WCOOP was one of the biggest tournament series of all time.  For three weeks some of the best tournament players in the world battled it out in huge events with gigantic buy-ins.  Tournaments like the $10,300 buy-in 8-game championship, $2,100 HORSE tournament, and $5,000 Main Event tested all of their skills.  The final event was the biggest and best of them all. More than 1,600 players ponied up the $5,000 entry fee for the chance at more than $1,000,000 in first-place money.

With such a large buy-in fee, the turnout was quite impressive. There was more than $8,000,000 in the pot for the 189 players fortunate enough to make the money.  Unfortunately, even those lasting deep into day-2 were not guaranteed a huge payday. Amongst those who fell just short of the big money were David “david1213″ Vamplew (183rd place; $13,422), “lechuckpoker” (166th; $13,829), Bertran “Elky” Grosspelier (135th; $15,049), Francis “teachuppoker” Cagney (132nd; $15,049), Steve “gboro780″ Gross (122nd; $15,456), Jimmie “AlusivPnkBny” Guinther (118th; $15,456), and Johnny Lodden (102nd; $17,083).

There were plenty of other big names making it inside the top-100 including “Buck21″, “Assassinato”, Grayson “gray31″ Ramage, and Eugene Katchalov who all cracked the top-100 but could not quite reach the final table.  Coming even closer was Dani “supernova9″ Stern, also known as “Ansky” to the online poker world. Stern was part of the TV series “2 Months 2 Million” that aired on G4 in 2009, along with fellow poker professionals Jay “Krantz” Rosenkrantz, Brian “flawless_victory” Roberts, and Emil “whitelime” Patel.  The show was a hit amongst the online community but was not renewed for a second season. Ansky, who is …

I’ll see your Guinness slot hoki and raise you one egg salad


From breakfast to lunch, a study in blind faith, blind stealing, and blindly stepping into an alternate universe

guinness.jpg”What are you looking at, lady?”

That’s what I wanted to say. But, of course, I didn’t. Because slot hoki even as snarky and tired as I was feeling, it just didn’t seem right to dress down the woman right in front of her video game-obsessed kid.

It was 7am. I’d made exceptionally good time on the interstate run from South Carolina to Charlotte, NC. I’d packed just one carry-on bag to carry with my briefcase. Check-in proved to be almost too easy, which left me with time to kill.

I toyed with the idea of finding a coffee stand or a crystal meth dealer. I hadn’t slept but a couple hours before I left for the airport. I felt my internal systems fighting against themselves in what I was sure was a prelude to a greater war that would be fought on the Las Vegas battlefield.

Instead, I wandered into the airport bar and found a spot near the back. The bartendress approached.

“What do you have on draft?” I asked.

“Bud, Bud Light, Miller Light, Sam Adams, Bass…”

The word “Bass” was forming on my lips when the nice bartendress finished.

“…and Guinness.”

I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was that I’ve always considered Guinness to be the best of the breakfast beers. Maybe it was that I was wondering whether Iggy was going to make the trip. I dunno. All I know is that before I knew it, I was nearly shouting, “Guinness. Yes, a Guinness would be great.”

And so I sat with the tan foam on my upper lip, recording a few notes in a pocket notebook, and wondering where the trip was going …

Eyes down for the luck of the Irish – Join Bingo Entertainment for Big St togel  Day Jackpots

St. togel  Day is one of those holidays that’s easy to get swept up in without even thinking about it. What could be more fun than wearing green, singing Irish songs, and breaking your dietary routine for some corned beef and cabbage!


Today St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated by people of all backgrounds, and it is the most celebrated national holiday around the world, more than any other national holiday. Countries that celebrate this day include Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Singapore, Russia, to name just a few.


But there’s more to St. Patrick’s Day than green beer, shamrocks, and singing Irish songs. At least there is at Bingo Entertainment! They want to make this a very special day for everyone wherever you are, come and join any of our participating bingo sites, and see if you have the luck of the Irish. What better reason do you need to join in the fun of St. Patrick’s Day than an amazing 100% deposit bonus on ALL deposits over $20!


But that’s not all, if you’re looking for your pot of gold, then Bingo Entertainment is the place to be. On this special day, between 6pm and 10pm EST, there will be $50 pots, and $2,500 jackpots playing once an hour on the ‘shamrock’ pattern, on 25c cards!


If you are already a member on any of the Bingo Entertainment fantastic sites, then you simply need to log in, join in the fun playing bingo, and put on your green hat! (Green hat not compulsory). If however you haven’t yet tried the amazing games that are on offer, then click here to see the participating sites, simply select the games you would like to join, download, sign up, and don’t forget to wear your green …

Ultimate-Bet Leaderboards – Current Leaders April 4th

There’s a new winner every week on thanks to the Ultimate Tournament Leaderboard. If you haven’t had a chance to familiarize yourself with the UltimateBet’s weekly tournament leaderboard yet, please click here to read my post from Monday. To put it in a nutshell, the Ultimate Tournament Leaderboard is Ultimate Bet’s way of showcasing and rewarding its best and most frequent tournament players. On Monday I mentioned that the leaderboard for any given week is won on Sunday nights, so I’ll spend this article looking at how this week’s leaderboard is turning out so far. You’ll have to come back to my blog next Friday to find out who actually ends up winning, though!

Actually that last sentence wasn’t completely true. If you just can’t stand the suspense and have to know who wins this week, you could check our up-to-date network page (also mentioned back on Monday). Scroll down to where it mentions the leaderboard and click on a day in the calendar that you wish to view. If you were to scroll down and click April 4th, for example, you would see this page, which shows the data I’ll be basing the rest of my article on.

Here is what the top ten of this week’s leaderboard currently looks like:

1 spades27 – 367.83 (Tournament Points)

2 scottyclark – 323.28

3 foolishgolf – 256.60

4 sweetjj – 251.93

5 KzooHustlin – 231.61

6 canadiansjw – 201.85

7 CrazySixeS66 – 182.95

8 frigid1 – 173.97

9 thrushed – 173.31

10 chewygotu – 172.02

Although the top fifty tournament players are listed on this leaderboard at any given time, only the top ten will receive prizes at the end of Sunday. spades27 is currently in the lead with almost 368 Tournament Points, but scottyclark is close bitcoin dice  behind …

Titan- result hk update – May 25th



This article is the first of many future updates on Titan Poker, a poker room that is part of the increasingly popular iPoker network. As mentioned in previous articles, iPoker ranks third for online poker traffic. This is despite the fact it does not offer its service to U.S. players.


Titan Poker recently sent 66 of its players to the Eurocity result hk Tour (ECPT) in Madrid, offering prize packages that could be won by playing in a variety of satellites on their site. That’s how Greg Metzak, a 23-year-old psychology student from Vancouver (Canada), came to play his first ever live tournament in Madrid – he won an online freeroll on Titan. Titan offered the VIP freeroll to those players that were able to earn a certain number of Titan Points within one week.


Metzak was more than rewarded for his efforts. Not only did he go to Europe for his first time ever, he beat a field of 150 players and won the first prize for 40,000 Euros (almost 62,000 USD). He couldn’t be more happy about his impressive feat, saying, “Thanks to Titan Poker, I have had a week in Madrid and now 40,000 Euros – who could ask for more?” Someone asked him which person would receive the first phone call with the good news and Metzak replied, “I think I am going to wait until I get home and when people ask how it was, say ‘well, you know … poker’s a tough game … anything can happen …’” The second place winner for the same tournament was also a Titan Poker player. Ingo Nassall from Germany won a healthy 23,000 Euros for his efforts.


If you’re interested in being sent on a fabulous poker vacation via Titan Poker, definitely …

Review of Knock-Out Blackjack

There have been dozens of good books since Thorpe published Beat the Dealer that serve as an all-in-one source of information for aspiring card counters. This is another one of those. You’ve got your introduction to the game, your discussion of basic strategy, your introduction to card counting, and your explanation of a new system. In addition, this book has a chapter that compares the KO system to other card counting systems and a closing chapter called “Enhancing Profits” which covers things like not getting barred, choosing good games, etc..


The introduction is interesting. It contains more than an average amount of accurate historical information. I’m a big fan of the historical perspective on the game, and I found the information here quite interesting, and some of it was new to me. It won’t help you play better Blackjack, but I enjoyed it.


The basic strategy chapter is a lot like any other. The information is accurate and presented fairly well. There’s not much more to say about this.


The next chapter explains card counting and why it works, without going into the details of the KO count in particular. Amazingly, there’s still a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation in the Blackjack literature, even in the good books, about why card counting works. While this book doesn’t go to great lengths to clear this up, it is a not an insignificant accomplishment to not list any incorrect information. This is one of the better descriptions of this I’ve read.


The next chapter contains the new contributions of the book, the Knock-Out card Slot Gacor counting system. The KO system is a level one unbalanced count (which means that if you count down a complete deck of cards, you won’t end up with “0”) that’s very similar …